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Fame Game will always try to sell your story to as many media outlets as possible to maximise your payments. Through Fame Game, you can learn where to sell celebrity photos online, your own personal stories or even videos to various magazines, newspapers or television networks. Syndicating stories in this way is a specialist business but is something we deal in every day. We can sell your story for cash.

Selling content of this nature can be a treacherous business to navigate. We are a trusted and reputable business with many connections to the Australian and international media networks. By contacting us, we can advise you on the correct processes in order to contribute photos, where to do so and how to go about pitching your videos.

Stories vary in value. If you sell a real life story, you may make $1000 – $5000. Celebrity tips start from $1000 and can sometimes reach $50,000 or more depending on what or who it is about. We can help you to learn how to safely earn money from your information or pictures. Who you choose to distribute your pictures to, as well as the nature of the photos, can determine your financial returns.

Videos make good money too. If you want to know how to sell celebrity videos we can advise you on the correct avenues to do so. Selling can be a confusing task to get your head around, at Fame Game, we do the hard work for you.

Where can I sell celebrity gossip?

With associates across the media industry in Australia, UK, USA and internationally, Fame Game are the best people to contact. We can help you sell celebrity pictures and gossip ensuring you make the best profits possible. We will then keep in contact with you in the case that more opportunities arise.

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Sell a story online

  • Love betrayals – did you partner leave you for someone else? Have you discovered they are a member of Ashley Madison?
  • Quirky tales – amazing pet stories are particularly sought after. Can your dog balance any object on its nose? Does your cat know how to skateboard?
  • True crime – did you find yourself mixed up in a crime and lived to tell the tale?
  • Weight loss – inspirational stories about weight loss and body transformations are popular with magazines.
  • Reality TV – do you know a star who has appeared on a reality TV show like MasterChef or The Block? Have you been romantically involved with anyone from The Bachelor or The Bachelorette? Maybe you saw a contestant from The Biggest Loser do something strange or used to live next door to someone from Married at First Sight.
  • Romance – did you and your partner meet under unusual circumstances? Perhaps you or your partner proposed in a strange or unique way.
  • Medical miracles
  • Cosmetic surgery – have you gone under the knife for an unusual or extreme procedure? Perhaps you used money from a divorce to fund the surgery.
  • Unusual Pregnancy – did you become pregnant after trying for many years? Have you given birth to multiple sets of twins or triplets?
  • Health – do you suffer from a rare illness? Are you trying to raise awareness for a condition not many people know about?
  • Being reunited with a relative – have you found a long lost relative and heard something shocking about them?
  • Kiss and tell – did you hook up with someone famous? Did it shock all your friends?


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