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Sell your story with the help of Fame Game, Australia’s largest and most trusted story selling agency. If you have a true real life story, celebrity tip or celebrity photos to sell, you have come to the right place. We earn our clients thousands of dollars by placing their true stories and photos in national and international print and television press. Nothing is too big or small.

So what can selling a story do for you?

You will get more money using for selling a story to the newspapers, magazines and media, than going directly to them yourself. We can sell what you’ve got to say, as well as any photos to publications in the United Kingdom, America and even New Zealand – and you are paid every time.

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Cash for True Accounts, Photos and Videos

Many magazines and newspapers are interested in obtaining true stories as often as possible. You can sell tips, a celebrity photo or even your own true experience! Prices vary depending on the type content as well as the demand. If you have ever wondered if selling a story to a magazine is profitable and beneficial, the answer is simply, YES! If you believe your real life anecdote or celebrity information/photo is worth some cash, contact Fame Game and we will liaise with the press on your behalf.

We also accept pictures and videos! Check out our FAQ and our pricing information for further info on how to sell a celebrity story!

How can I sell a celebrity story?

Contact Fame Game of course! With over 10 years of experience in the industry, Fame Game can advise you on how to sell your own or celebrity Tip or spiel! Let us know a brief outline of what you’ve got to tell the world and we will take care of things from there. The simple steps involved will surprise you.

Can I sell a real life story about my own life?

Definitely! There is a large market for those who wish to sell their own anecdotes. You may be wondering, “How do I sell my story to a magazine or newspaper?” – we have the answers.

To sell your real life story or celebrity photo, simply send us a brief explanation of what happened to you, let us know if you have any accompanying photos and we will get back to you with an estimated value. Many magazines and newspapers are on the lookout for this content and Fame Game are here to help.

Choose Fame Game – the next time you speak to your friends you will exclaim, “Fame Game helped me sell my story to a newspaper and magazine!” Contact us today through our online submission form — we will ensure that you reap the benefits from you’re interesting information and tales.

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What we always need

  • Love rats – did your husband or partner leave you for another woman? Maybe they met someone on Ashley Madison.
  • Weight loss – magazines love inspiring weight loss stories.
  • Cosmetic surgery – did you have an extreme makeover or an unusual procedure? Maybe you paid for your surgery with your divorce money.
  • Crime – have you been in some way involved in a true life crime story?
  • Romance – did you meet your partner in a strange situation? Or maybe they proposed in an unusual way?
  • Health – have you been diagnosed with a rare illness? Maybe you are trying to raise awareness for a particular condition.
  • Medical miracles
  • Unusual Pregnancy – maybe you are pregnant with your third set of twins or got pregnant after 10 years of trying.
  • Reality TV – do you know someone on a reality TV show? The Block? Maybe you dated someone on the bachelor or got dumped by a bachelorette. Perhaps you had a run in with a Biggest Loser or used to work with someone on Married at First Sight.
  • Being reunited with a relative – did you track down your long lost family member and find out some crazy stories?
  • Quirky tales – pets are especially popular. Can your cat ride a surfboard? Or maybe your dog thinks it’s a duck.
  • Kiss and tell – have you hooked up with a celebrity? Are your friends shocked? Want to make some money?

Sell your real life story or sell celebrity story with Fame Game!

We’ll get you cash for stories, photos or videos from international and Australian media.

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